Code of Conduct Policy

Personal and Professional Behavior Expectations

  • All staff shall follow the Occupational Health and Safety requirements, relevant Government Regulations and Legislation and appropriate professional standards.

Behavior outside Hours of Duty

  • Staff shall conduct their personal affairs in a manner that does not affect their official duties. Staff shall be aware that their activity or behavior outside of working hours could brings the integrity of the company into disrepute.

Alcohol and Drugs

  • Staff shall not allow the consumption of alcohol or drugs to adversely affect their work performance or official conduct.

Personal Presentation

  • In order to promote a professional image that promotes a positive corporate image, all staff members shall maintain a high standard of grooming and personal presentation.
  • Staff identification cards shall be worn at all times when the staff member is working at the company.

Interaction with Colleagues

  • Staff shall work cooperatively with colleagues, support and learn from each other and accept differences in personal style.
  • Staff shall respect, and seek when necessary, the professional opinions of colleagues in their area of competence, and acknowledge their contribution.

Ethical behavior

  • Staff shall comply with all lawful and reasonable directions given. Complaints arising out of such directions shall be discussed, and attempted to be resolved. Staff dissatisfied with the outcome can lodge a personal grievance to have the matter resolved. Staff must continue to carry out any lawful and reasonable directions that may be given until the matter is resolved.
  • Staff is encouraged to report any behavior by another employee they consider to be unethical. This may include behavior that you believe violates any law, rule or regulation or represents corrupt conduct, substantial mismanagement of public resources, or is a danger to public health or safety or to the environment. Reports of such shall be protected against reprisals providing the claim is based on a reasonable belief, is reported to an appropriate person and is not vexatious/

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

  • Staff decision making and professional conduct shall be consistent with the provisions of Equal Opportunity legislation. Staff shall ensure they observe the EEO principles, exhibit appropriate behaviors and provide a work environment free from harassment (including sexual), bullying and discrimination.
  • Material that is fraudulent, harassing, embarrassing, sexually explicit, profane, obscene, intimidating, defamatory or otherwise unlawful or inappropriate must not be sent by e-mail or other forms of electronic communication or displayed or stored on computer

Use of Official Resources

  • Staff shall ensure that all resources within their area of responsibility are used effectively and economically in the course of their duties.
  • Staff shall use facilities and equipment including computers, e-mail, Internet access and mobile phones for official purposes only, unless the management has given you permission for limited private use. This private use may have been granted to enable you to better manage the balance between your work and private commitments.

Public comment

  • Whilst it is recognized that staff have the right as an individual to make public comment, staff shall not reveal confidential information in public. Information of a confidential nature shall not be used by any staff member in any public comment without the prior approval of the Board of Directors.

Security of Information

  • Confidentiality with respect to Business / Finance information and security of Systems Information (Information Technology) shall be adhered to by all staff.
  • Staff shall take reasonable steps to protect personal information from misuse and loss, and from unauthorized access, modification or disclosure. People shall be advised that they have a right to access their personal information and seek corrections to it.

Conflict Of Interest

  • Staff shall act in the public interest and not any manner designed to gain unfair advantage for themselves or for other individuals, family, friends or business acquaintances. This particularly applies with respect to obtaining contracts or purchasing of goods and services.
  • Staff shall disclose in writing to the Board of Directors, any pecuniary or other personal interest held by them, which could lead to a potential conflict of interest between private activities and official duties.

Gifts and Benefits

  • Staff shall not seek to accept favors or gifts for services performed in connection with official duties. Staff shall not use their position to encourage or obtain a private benefit

Financial Probity and Accountability

  • Staff shall ensure that in financial matters, including the handling of monies, there is full accountability in relation to any advice or transaction in which they may be involved. Staff with responsibilities of a financial nature shall act in accordance with the financial policies of the company and shall observe the relevant legislative and regulatory requirements.